Home is where the Nuyen is

Episode 1: The Library Job

Stake out!

Riding the bus is always a drag, but it gives him time to think.

Epoch was thinking about how he’d been put in touch with Blackout a few years back, and how this was the first time in while he’d gotten the call from him that there was money on the table.

The 903 Detroit Special pulled up out the front of a dingy single story frontage, titled “Yemen’s Investigations”. The squad was already inside. A small japanese ex-pat was giving everyone the brief – to break into a secure UCAS information repository and steal some medical records of a guy named Corey Wilson. The bottom nuyen was 30k¥.

Epoch went straight home to dig up what he could – the UCAS facility used to be a library, and reopened 6 years ago as a public information repository, owned and operated by the government. Security on the staff and details about security are pretty tight and hard to come by. About all Epoch got was the names of the regular staff and her assistants – not even the security detail or the contractors who must have retrofitted the building for it’s current purpose.

Whilst Epoch was sifting through matrix files, Blackout was canvassing the good people of suburbian detroit. He had a conversation with an older man, but wasn’t able to turn up much of a lead – that security is considered to be good – but what would some washed up old dude know? Having a SIN your whole life makes you ignorant.

Nova and Kickpuncher went into the building to check it out. They fleshed out out blueprint – there’s security cameras, terminals, VR headsets, and a station desk all where we thought they would be. Nova managed to slip the mag-card from one of the staff and copy it – which will hopefully help us get some access.

The front doors appear to have some security gate, but there’s a side door which requires a security pass to get in to, and a few potential locations where there might be physical files kept securely.

Nova and Kickpuncher leave the scene and night begins to fall – and Tuner starts his night watch – hopefully getting all the information we can about their night patrols and any extra measures that might get in our way.

Meanwhile, there’s quite a bit of work ahead of us to set this op up, so that it goes off without a hitch.



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